Why Home Companions For The Elderly Are Often Necessary

Why Home Companions For The Elderly Are Often Necessary

The true value of home companions for the elderly is something that is difficult for some people to grasp. Indeed, the whole concept of companion care might seem strange. But home companions can make a huge difference in the welfare of seniors.

What Are Home Companions For The Elderly?

When you think of senior care, you probably first think of personal care. This involves a caregiver helping a senior physically. A personal caregiver might help a senior get up and down stairs, use the shower or toilet, eat food, get around in a wheelchair, and so on. Personal care is offered in assisted living communities, but many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes for reasons of convenience, emotional attachment, and because of money. That’s fine because personal care is offered as part of home care, as are homemaking services which help seniors manage their homes by taking care of chores such as cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping.

Then there is companion care. Many of the problems seniors face are not physical, but mental and emotional, and these issues are just as important. Elderly people face depression at higher rates and having somebody there to talk to and keep them company can really help. Likewise, having somebody there to monitor their mental condition can ensure any mental or neurodegenerative issues are spotted early.

Why Are Home Companions For The Elderly Necessary?

People tend to move around over the course of their lives. By the time you retire, you might find you live in a city without any family and friends. This kind of isolation is compounded as your mobility is reduced. Isolation can lead to loneliness which can lead to depression and depression is an existential threat. Furthermore, seniors are diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases at far higher rates than younger people and this affects their mental health. Having a caregiver who visits them every week, every day, or even who lives with them can help them get a handle on these mental and emotional issues and stop them from spiraling out of control.

What Do Home Companions For The Elderly Do?

Companion care can be very simple or it can be more involved. It depends on what the client needs. Sometimes just having conversations and listening to the problems that the elderly face is all that is needed. Home companions can also play card or board games with the elderly, accompany them to social functions, and encourage them to keep up with correspondence.

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