What You Need To Know About Home Companions For The Elderly

What You Need To Know About Home Companions For The Elderly

Caregivers can provide personal care to seniors in their own homes. Registered nurses can provide in-home skilled care. Who can help the elderly with their mental struggles? Home companions can.

You Want To Be There For Your Senior Parent Or Elderly Loved One. But That’s Not Always Possible. Home Companions For The Elderly Help.

Many seniors live lives of isolation (even before COVID-19). They or their family and friends have moved away. They don’t see coworkers anymore. They’re lonely. This can be especially troubling if the senior in question lives alone but couples can become isolated together.

Pair this with the fact that seniors grew up in a time when there was still a big stigma around mental health issues and you have many elderly people who are lonely, depressed, and have nobody to talk to or feel like they don’t have anybody they can talk to. Home companions can relieve this loneliness. They can visit the elderly in their homes every week or even every day. They talk with them, listen to their concerns, play games, and encourage them to keep connected with the outside world.

We Now Have Enough Information To Know That We Ignore The Importance Of Mental Health And Emotional Wellbeing At Our Peril. The Elderly Are No Different.

While we have made great strides in the area of mental health awareness in the past 20 years or so, we still tend to focus on mental health only in the absence of physical health problems. If a senior has a bad hip, a thyroid problem, or any other physical ailment, this does not preclude having mental and emotional troubles, too. Home companionship should be considered if you’re already arranging for an elderly loved one’s care for other matters.

Even If You Live In The Same City As Your Parents, Arranging For A Home Companion Can Really Help.

Many people don’t live in the same city as their elderly parents, but even when they do, they often can’t visit them as much as they would like. Furthermore, seniors are often more willing to talk about their mental health struggles with home companions than their family. Seniors do not want to burden their family with their troubles. But home companions can establish a rapport with the elderly and can get them to talk about what is troubling them. They can also keep an eye out for any onset dementia problems.

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