Who Are Live-In Senior Caregivers And What Do They Do?

Who Are Live-In Senior Caregivers And What Do They Do?

Live-in senior caregivers play an integral role in the senior care world. They provide an option for numerous seniors who simply cannot get their needs met any other way. But who are these live-in senior caregivers and just what do they do?

Live-In Care

First let’s discuss just what live-in care is and who it’s for. Live-in care can provide the services of any other type of care. Some seniors need help taking care of themselves and accomplishing the Activities of Daily Living (personal care), some seniors are lonely, depressed, and/or have a neurodegenerative disease that necessitates the help of a caregiver to improve and maintain their mental and emotional health (companion care), and some seniors can more or less take care of themselves but want help managing their homes (homemaking care). Live-in caregivers typically perform services from all three of these categories. They live in the homes of the clients they serve and work a schedule like any other worker in America, however because they live there, they’re always able to assist in the case of an emergency. So, while they’re not on the clock at 2 AM, if your elderly loved one has a fall going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the live-in caregiver is there to help.

Why Live-In Care And Not A Senior Living Community?

When people first learn about live-in care, many think it must be expensive. After all, you’re paying for somebody to be on-hand 24/7. But again, they don’t work 24/7, that would be impossible. And some of the cost is offset by providing a room to the caregiver, so you save a lot of money by dint of merely having an extra bedroom to offer. Lastly, you’re only paying for one caregiver to deliver the services your elderly loved one needs. You’re not paying the rent and fees which are necessary when living in a senior living community.

Who Are These Live-In Senior Caregivers?

Live-in senior caregivers are much like any other caregiver, they just have the flexibility to live where their clients are. At Executive Home Care, we go to great lengths to ensure that our live-in caregivers have all the skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Live-in senior caregivers undergo an extensive pre-employment screening process, which includes a criminal background check as well as a verification of their references and employment history. They also pass all state and federal health regulations and are bonded and insured. All Executive Home Care’s live-in senior caregivers are also supervised and periodically evaluated to ensure they can provide the best care possible.

Executive Home Care

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