When is Supplemental Healthcare Staffing Needed?

When is Supplemental Healthcare Staffing Needed?


Executive Home Care strives to provide care to all of our clients in the comfort of their own homes. Many clients prefer this method of care to moving into a senior care community of some kind. This is not because senior care communities are inherently bad or inferior. It’s just that many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes rather than move. But some seniors want to move into such a community. For others, moving into a senior care community is the most practical and best option. These communities are great for many seniors and they try their best to help each and every one of their residents. But it’s a difficult task.

Getting The Help You Need

Some senior care facilities don’t offer any personal care. Retirement homes, which are also known as independent living communities, are residential facilities where seniors can live together. They have their own apartments but they also share common spaces which helps promote community and social interaction. This is important because isolation occurs at high rates among seniors and can lead to loneliness and depression. Not only can retirement homes prevent this, they also have a staff who take care of landscaping and can even clean the units of seniors, thus reducing the amount of exhausting and potentially painful work that seniors would have to do in their own private, stand-alone homes.

But the staff at retirement homes typically don’t offer personal care. They don’t help residents get in and out of bed, they don’t help with mobility issues, they don’t help with grooming and bathing, they don’t help with toileting, and they don’t help with eating. If you or an elderly loved one are living in a retirement home and develop the need for these services, you can either move out, which could be a real hassle, or you can utilize supplemental healthcare staffing. You do this by contacting a senior healthcare agency (such as Executive Home Care) and asking them to send a caregiver to help. Residents of assisted living communities can also do this if they feel they are not getting the care they need from the staff there. You can also utilize supplemental healthcare staffing temporarily in order to recover from an injury or surgery.

Supplemental Healthcare Staffing For Community Managers

While many individuals avail themselves of supplemental healthcare staffing, it is most commonly used by those who run a senior care facility. Running a senior care facility is difficult work and you can never be sure just how many caregivers you need on staff at any given time. You have to deal with employee turnover, hiring and firing, and performance appraisals. It’s a lot of work. That is why many community and facility managers turn to supplemental healthcare staffing.

Many community managers prefer to keep a minimal number of permanent staff and use supplemental healthcare staffing for the rest. This way you can rest assured you don’t have too many employees on your payroll with nothing to do. And by farming out the work of hiring and replacing staff to a trusted and respected health care agency (such as Executive Home Care) you can rest assured that you only get qualified and professional caregivers working at your facility.

Executive Home Care

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