When Could The Elderly Use Live-In Home Care?

When Could the Elderly Use Live-In Home Care?

Live-in home care for the elderly is a handy service for a lot of seniors all over America. But it’s not a service that every or even most elderly people will probably use. So just when is live-in home care appropriate and practical?

What Is Live-In Home Care For The Elderly?

The phrase “live-in home care for the elderly”, might sound odd at first, but it means just what it says. Many seniors receive the care they need in senior living facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living communities. And many seniors are happy and safe there. But these facilities aren’t the right fit for every elderly person. Many seniors would rather live in their own private homes. They are either emotionally attached to their homes or they just don’t like aspects of communal living. And that’s fine because caregivers can visit seniors weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day and offer the care that seniors need.

But what happens when a senior needs more care than just daily visits? What happens when they need around-the-clock access to care? That’s when live-in home care becomes necessary. Caregivers can actually live in an elderly person’s home with them and provide hours of uninterrupted care as well as be on hand for any emergency situation. Live-in caregivers can be there to help the elderly start their day, end their day, and with anything in between.

How Does Live-In Home Care For The Elderly Work?

Live-in care becomes necessary when the needs of a senior require high levels of care. Many elderly people receive live-in home care indefinitely, but others only need it temporarily, usually while they recover from an injury, surgery, or illness. Live-in care is more expensive than having a caregiver visit daily, but it’s still competitive with the cost of moving into a senior care community. For live-in home care to work, the elderly client will need to have a big enough home for the live-in caregiver to have their own room, space, and privacy. Families typically arrange to look after their elderly loved one for when the live-in caregiver is off the clock.

Executive Home Care

At Executive Home Care, we offer live-in home care for the elderly. All our live-in home caregivers have passed an extensive pre-employment screening process which includes a criminal background check as well as a verification of references and employment history. All our caregivers are employees and they are subject to all state and federal health requirements. Our caregivers are bonded, insured, supervised, skills tested, and they undergo continuing education and training. To learn more about live-in care for the elderly, please contact us via our website or call (888) 963-9133.

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