Senior Home Care Services Vs. Assisted Living

Senior Home Care Services vs. Assisted Living

If you’re a senior, nearing your senior years, or the loved one of a senior, it might behoove you to compare senior home care services and assisted living.

Senior Home Care Services Vs. Assisted Living: What Are They?

Assisted living communities are places where seniors live and can also receive care. They’re like apartment or condo buildings were all the residents are elderly, or people who live with disabilities, and the staff doesn’t just maintain the grounds or clean common areas, but also provide care to the residents. Assisted living residents typically need some care but can still manage their own lives to a degree. This is in contrast to nursing home residents, who need high levels of care, and retirement home residents who don’t receive care from the staff.

Good healthcare agencies offer senior home care packages that provide all the services involved in assisted living. Instead of moving into a special facility to receive care, seniors can receive that care right in their own private homes. Caregivers visit to provide companionship, personal care, and homemaking services.

Senior Home Care Services Vs. Assisted Living: Convenience

To receive assisted living requires a senior to find an assisted living community that offers the services and living quarters they want, to secure a unit in that community, to move out of where they currently live and into the community, and possibly to sell their current home as well. Senior home care can be arranged pretty quickly and painlessly and you don’t even have to leave home.

Senior Home Care Services Vs. Assisted Living: Cost

We expect to pay more for convenience. However, despite being more convenient for most seniors, home care is also almost always more affordable than assisted living. Assisted living communities charge rent and fees that you don’t need to pay with senior home care services. Unless you rent your current home or have to move out for a separate reason, senior home care services will almost certainly cost you less.

Senior Home Care Services Vs. Assisted Living: Access To Care

Good assisted living communities have staff working around the clock so there is always a caregiver on hand in the case of emergency, even in the middle of the night. Senior home care is generally provided by caregivers who visit weekly, semi-weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day. If 24-7 access to care is very important to you, you can look into live-in care in which a caregiver lives in the home of their client.

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