New Year’s Resolutions for the Elderly and their Families

New Year's Resolutions for the Elderly and their Families


It’s a new year, so now is a good time to take stock of what you have and look forward to how you can improve yourself, your life, and the lives of others going forward. We wish everybody the best of luck on their New Year’s resolutions. But for seniors or families with elderly loved ones, we suggest you resolve to look into elderly home care services.

Elderly Home Care Services

Elderly home care services are offered by some health care agencies. The goal of elderly home care services is to provide all the care that a senior might otherwise receive in a senior care facility right in the comfort of their own home. But is this really possible? Can elderly home care services deliver all the help and care that seniors need? Just how much care is available in-home with elderly home care services?

Elderly Home Care Services – Personal Care

The elderly home care service that most people know the most about is personal care. Personal care is the most tangible elderly home care service because it involves a caregiver physically helping a senior. At Executive Home Care, we have a term called “the Activities of Daily Living”. We use this term to describe the tasks that we all do every day to take care of ourselves and that we physically must do. This includes bathing, showering, grooming, and the like. It also includes getting in and out of bed, eating, and toileting, which involves ostomy or colostomy care for some seniors. With elderly home care services, you can have a caregiver visit you in your home and provide personal care services by helping with any and all of these activities.

Elderly Home Care Services – Homemaking Services

Some people make the initial mistake of thinking that elderly home care services equal personal care. But this is not true. Many seniors can manage the Activities of Daily Living just fine, but managing their homes is beginning to be too much for them. Should they move out of their homes and into a care community if they don’t want to just because they can’t manage all the laundry, vacuuming, or grocery shopping? Of course not. Not with homemaking services. Homemaking services involve a caregiver coming by and helping with chores and errands such as the ones listed above and more.

Elderly Home Care Services – Companionship Services

There is a growing realization in our society that being healthy is not just a physical condition. It is also a mental condition. Many seniors grew up in a time and place when discussing mental health issues was taboo. This is a real shame because it can prevent some seniors from getting the help they need. Many seniors live isolated from family and friends, and from society in general. They experience intense loneliness and this can lead to depression. We can’t always be there for our parents and elderly loved ones. Nor are many of us equipped to properly evaluate their mental state. But companionship services can help. A companion caregiver can visit seniors in their homes, talk with them, listen to their problems, keep them mentally stimulated, and encourage them to interact with the outside world.

Executive Home Care

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