Looking For A Live-In Caregiver For The Elderly? Here’s What You Need To Know

Looking For A Live-In Caregiver For The Elderly? Here's What You Need To Know

Are you looking for a live-in caregiver for an elderly loved one? Is that the best option for your senior parent? How does live-in care work? Here’s what you need to know.

Should You Be Looking For A Live-In Caregiver For The Elderly?

Home care companies deliver in-home care to elderly people, as well as younger people who live with disabilities, all over America. Some of this care is temporary, perhaps in response to a surgery or injury. Some of this care is comparatively minimal, such as help with household chores or even just visiting a senior once a week to keep them company. Many seniors need more involved care, though.

Personal care helps seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. These are things we must all do every day to take care of ourselves. Get out of bed, use the toilet, brush our teeth, go downstairs, make and eat breakfast, etc. Seniors who require assistance with these activities can benefit from personal caregivers visiting them in their homes. Caregivers can visit every day and even twice a day. But sometimes seniors need access to around-the-clock care. That’s when a live-in caregiver is necessary.

Can You Accommodate A Live-In Caregiver For Your Elderly Loved One?

For live-in care to work, you must have the right parameters. The live-in caregiver will need their own room and privacy. They also need their own free time. Many families arrange to visit their elderly loved ones on the live-in caregiver’s day off. The great benefit to live-in care is not just the extended hours of assistance, it’s the presence of caregivers in emergency situations. Live-in caregivers aren’t working at 2AM, but if your elderly loved one goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and falls, you can avoid the horrible situation of them lying there all night because the caregiver is in the house and can help.

Should You Look For An Alternative To A Live-in Caregiver For Your Elderly Loved One?

When a senior parent’s needs reach the stage when they require live-in care, many families explore their senior living options. Good nursing homes and assisted living communities are able to provide the same services as live-in care, and these are great options for many seniors. But many seniors don’t want to move out of their own homes; they like it there. And while live-in care is the most expensive form of in-home care, it is often still cheaper than the rents and fees one pays to a senior living community.

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