Is A Live-In Elderly Caregiver Better Than A Nursing Home?

Is A Live-In Elderly Caregiver Better Than A Nursing Home?

Live-in elderly caregivers do something no other caregivers can do. They provide the elderly with all the care they need while allowing them to stay in their own private homes. But how do live-in elderly caregivers compare to nursing homes?

Who Needs Live-In Elderly Caregivers?

The elderly in America can get pretty much all the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. No longer are nursing homes the default choice for seniors who need some form of care. Companion care looks to maintain and improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of seniors. Homemaking services help seniors manage their homes and do chores. Personal care helps seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. This covers the tasks we all must do to take care of ourselves every day, such as brushing our teeth, shaving, eating food, showering, using the toilet, and so on.

Many seniors receive personal care daily or even twice daily from in-home caregivers. But what happens when elderly people need more personal care than even that? At that point, the senior in question and their family must decide what is better: live-in elderly care or a nursing home?

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are just one type of senior living facility. There are also assisted living communities and others, and all are the right fit for the right senior. For a senior who requires around-the-clock access to care, a nursing home is often the best choice. There are many well-run nursing homes that look after their residents more than adequately. However, all nursing homes require that the elderly leave their own private homes to move into the nursing home and not all elderly folks want to do this. Many elderly have a sentimental attachment to their homes and they don’t want to leave. Furthermore, nursing homes have had real struggles trying to contain the coronavirus.

Live-In Elderly Caregivers

With a live-in elderly caregiver, a senior can have around-the-clock access to care without having to move out of their home. This is ideal for many seniors. Obviously, a live-in caregiver cannot work 24/7. They need to sleep and have breaks and days off like anybody else. However, they live in the same home as their client. That means in emergency situations, the caregiver is always there to assist. Live-in elderly care will cost more than any other form of in-home care because it is more comprehensive, but once all the costs have been tabulated, live-in elderly care is still almost always cheaper than a nursing home.

Executive Home Care

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