6 FAQs About Live-In Elderly Caregivers

6 FAQs About Live-In Elderly Caregivers

Live-in elderly caregivers can be life savers. Both figuratively and, occasionally, literally. But what they do and who they can help is not always well understood by the general public. This article will answer some FAQs about live-in elderly caregivers.

1. What Is A Live-in Elderly Caregiver?

A live-in elderly caregiver does probably just what you think they do. They live in an elderly person’s home and provide care to them when required. (The caregiver themselves is not an elderly person). When a senior requires around-the-clock access to care, their family usually assumes that they must move into a nursing home or other senior living facility. But seniors can remain living in their own homes with the help of a live-in elderly caregiver.

2. Does My Parent/elderly Loved One Need Live-in Elderly Care?

Live-in elderly care is necessary when a senior (or younger person living with a disability) requires 24/7 access to care and supervision. These seniors are at a high risk for accidents and health emergencies and cannot live safely without a caregiver nearby at all times

3. Do Live-in Elderly Caregiver’s Really Work Around The Clock?

No, they do not; they’re not robots. Live-in elderly caregivers are people like anybody else and they have a work schedule like everybody else. However, that they live with the elderly means they will almost certainly be around if an emergency occurs, during the middle of the night, for example.

4. Is Live-in Elderly Care Really Practical?

To properly accommodate a live-in elderly caregiver, you must have an extra room and private space for the caregiver, as well as accommodating the caregiver’s personal life and free time.

5. Hiring A Live-in Elderly Caregiver Sounds Expensive. Is It?

Arranging for live-in care from a home healthcare agency sounds expensive to a lot of people, but it really isn’t. The alternative is moving into a senior care facility. Live-in elderly care is frequently cheaper than moving into a senior care community because there’s no rent or fees to pay with live-in elderly care.

6. Can I Arrange For An Elderly Caregiver To Live With My Parent Temporarily?

Absolutely! For some, live-in elderly care is the final stage of care because long-term issues seniors face (like dementia) rarely regress. But sometimes live-in elderly caregivers are hired to help seniors and younger people deal with temporary conditions. Seniors recovering from surgeries, accidents (such as falls), or other temporary conditions can receive live-in elderly care to help them while they are recovering.

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