Which Senior Home Care Services are Right For You?

Which Senior Home Care Services are Right For You?

In recent years, senior home care services have expanded in variety greatly. As the baby boomer generation reaches their golden years, more and more people require some type of senior care, and gone are the days when that would mean automatically moving into a nursing home. Nowadays, people realize that most seniors can get all the care they need right in the comfort of their own homes. But which senior home care services are right for you or your elderly loved ones?

Homemaker Services

Let us start with the least intensive type of senior home care service: homemaking. For many seniors, it’s not necessarily the medication, limited mobility, or a specific ailment that provides the biggest struggle in life, but merely the plethora of chores and errands that accumulate in daily life. Hiring a caregiver to come in and take care of some these can be a real weight off the shoulders for many seniors. Homemaker services include: making and changing the bed, doing laundry, helping with meal preparation, transportation, and dusting and vacuuming. On their own, in isolation, each of these are just minor chores, but they can pile up and become neglected, thus severely affecting the home lives of many seniors.

Personal Care

Personal care is a type of senior home care service that provides assistance with the activities of daily living. Activities such as bathing, dressing, using the toilet, eating, and walking. This type of care goes beyond homemaking and focuses more on the senior and their personal needs in life. A personal care caregiver can provide services such as changing and emptying catheter, colostomy, and ostomy bags, transferring to and from beds, wheelchairs, and toilets, and encouraging seniors to perform normal body movements or to follow prescribed exercise programs.

Live-In Care

For many, when they realise an elderly loved one requires around-the-clock care they reflexively begin thinking of nursing homes. But live-in care is more practical and affordable now than it has ever been. You can hire a qualified, professional, and reliable live-in caregiver to provide all the necessary senior home care services at all times. A live-in caregiver will provide the type of care and supervision as required.

Executive Home Care

At Executive Home Care, we offer all three of these types of senior home care services: homemaker services, personal care, and live-in care. What’s more, we can also provide specialized care to cater to the needs of seniors with specific ailments by providing caregivers who are experienced and trained in dealing with individuals with said specific ailments. And we can arrange to have registered nurses come in and attend to seniors in their home whenever it is required. Whatever the needs of you or your elderly loved one, we at Executive Home Care can provide the appropriate senior home care service.

Want To Learn More?

If you have any questions about our senior home care services, please do not hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and figure out which senior home care services are right for you or your loved one.

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