How Much Personal Care is Available In-Home?

How Much Personal Care is Available In-Home?

Personal care for seniors can be incredibly important. It can make the difference between a happy and healthy life and one fraught with illness and problems. Personal care has helped countless seniors in America live their lives to the fullest. Personal care for seniors is available in a plethora of senior care facilities all over the country. But is personal care available to seniors who prefer to remain in their own homes?

Personal Care for Seniors

Personal care is for senior who require some assistance with the Activities of Daily Living. The Activities of Daily Life are the activities that we all do every day to take care of ourselves and manage our lives. Such activities include bathing and grooming ourselves (brushing our teeth, combing our hair, shaving, etc.), feeding ourselves (buying groceries, cooking them, eating the food, cleaning the dishes, etc.), and daily activities such as getting in and out of bed and using the toilet.

And then there are the daily activities that seniors and people living with conditions have to manage every day, such as denture care, getting in and out of wheelchairs, and using colostomy/ostomy bags and catheter devices. These are all activities that seniors must do every day and if they struggle to do the tasks themselves, they need the help of a caregiver. And that’s where personal care for seniors comes in. But are these services available in-home?

Personal Care for Seniors In-Home

Years ago, personal care for seniors was not available for seniors in-home. Or, at least not available to many seniors. For many seniors, if they required personal care services, it was a fait accompli that they would have to move into a senior care facility. There are many great, well-run, and even fun senior care facilities all over the country. But that still doesn’t change the fact that many seniors want to remain living in their own homes. With personal in-home care, they can.

How Personal In-Home Care for Seniors Works

Personal in-home care for seniors isn’t complicated. It works just as personal care works for seniors living in senior care facilities, except in this case the care takes place in their private homes. A caregiver comes by and administers the required personal care and lets the senior in question manage the other aspects of their lives which they are able to manage. How often does the personal caregiver come by?

That’s the great thing about personal in-home care for seniors: it’s always customizable. The personal care is personalized to every individual client, so each client gets just as much care as they need, nothing more nor less. Therefore, the caregiver can come by as often as they are needed. If that’s only once or twice a week, then that’s only once or twice a week. But you can even arrange for a live-in caregiver to provide personal care whenever needed. This ensures that the senior client will have access to personal care around the clock.

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care offers personal care for both seniors who live in their own homes and as supplemental staffing for seniors who live in a senior care facility but who would like or need a little extra personal care. To learn more about our personal care services for seniors, please contact us.

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