How Live-In Home Care Works

How Live-In Home Care Works

Live-in home care for the elderly can be a great alternative to moving into a senior living community. But many seniors and their families are not aware that live-in home care is a viable option.

Live-In Home Care For The Elderly Is A Great Solution To Several Different Problems.

When they first hear of it, many elderly people and their families think that live-in home care is an impractical solution. On the contrary, for many elderly people, live-in home care is the most practical option given their situation. Live-in home care for the elderly solves so many different problems that it’s actually suitable for many very different seniors. What kind of problems? Well, here are a few:

  • Problem – An elderly person requires help taking care of their home.
  • Solution – With live-in home care, the elderly always have somebody around who can take care of chores and errands that they find taxing or even impossible.
  • Problem – An elderly person is lonely and is becoming depressed.
  • Solution – With live-in home care, elderly people always have a companion around. They have somebody to talk to, somebody to whom they can tell their problems, somebody to keep them mentally stimulated, and somebody who can encourage them to engage in social activities.
  • Problem – An elderly person cannot take care of themselves anymore.
  • Solution – Live-in home care includes personal care. This means seniors have somebody around who can help them with everyday tasks at any time of day. Getting in and out of bed, getting up and down stairs, using the toilet, showering and bathing, preparing food, eating, and more.
  • Problem – An elderly person requires access to around-the-clock care.
  • Solution – An emergency can happen at any time. And for many seniors, emergencies are likelier to happen than to the rest of us. Live-in home caregivers obviously don’t work around the clock, but they can always be on site when nobody else is, so they can help in an emergency.
  • Problem – A family can’t afford the high rents and fees charged by an assisted living community or nursing home.
  • Solution – All of the above services are available in certain senior living facilities. And there are many great facilities out there. But they can be very expensive. While more expensive than having a caregiver visit occasionally, live-in home care is still frequently cheaper than the senior living community option.
  • Problem – The coronavirus.
  • Solution – There’s no solution to the coronavirus, but you can reduce your risk of contracting it. Some senior living communities have been breeding grounds for the virus. Getting all your care from one person who lives with you greatly reduces your risk of contracting COVID-19.

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