How Home Care Companies Fared In 2020

How Home Care Companies Fared In 2020

The year 2020 will always be remembered first for one thing: COVID-19. The coronavirus turned our whole world upside down. But few sectors were more affected than senior care. How did home care companies deal with the pandemic?

Senior Living Communities And COVID-19

It was hard to miss all the news stories about COVID-19 and senior living communities. Seniors are the most at-risk age group for serious health consequences and even death from the coronavirus. And sadly, many senior living communities proved to be breeding grounds for the virus. Some of these communities were not run very well. But others were run by genuinely competent and caring management and they still could not halt the spread of this virus.

It’s a sad fact but if you have a facility with multiple common areas and people moving back and forth, it’s incredibly difficult to halt the spread of COVID-19 once one person is affected. And even communities that did manage to halt the spread did so by imposing lockdowns that removed many of the benefits of living in such a community. Overall, you can’t come to any conclusion other than 2020 was a bad year for senior living communities. But what about the alternative? How did home care companies fare during 2020?

Home Care Companies And COVID-19

Home care companies were hurt far less by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, it is advised that people keep their social circles as small as possible. Ideally, you should not welcome anybody into your home who does not live there. This means that home care companies can’t supply caregivers to visit seniors in their homes, correct?

Incorrect. If a pipe bursts in your home, you still need a plumber to come inside to fix it. If you purchase a piece of heavy furniture, you still need some movers to bring it inside for you. Life must go on even in the midst of a pandemic. Many seniors need the services of home care companies. What’s the solution? Home care companies need to be responsible and vigilant.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff.

The best home care companies have developed rigorous practices for their caregivers to follow to minimize the possibility of contracting and transmitting COVID-19. While 2020 was hard on home care companies that weren’t organized and proactive, the best home care companies showed that not only can they traverse the choppy waters of a pandemic, they can even make seniors’ lives safer going into 2021.

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care is a home care company that has helped countless seniors stay safe from COVID-19 while providing them with the everyday care they need. Contact us to learn more.

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