Home Care Assistance Vs. Senior Care Communities

Home Care Assistance vs. Senior Care Communities

Home care assistance is available across the US to seniors and people with disabilities. But how does home care assistance compare to senior care communities?

Who Needs Home Care Assistance?

Home care assistance is largely provided to seniors. Seniors face a plethora of health challenges that can make everyday life difficult. Sometimes these challenges come in the shape of diagnoses of diseases or mental health issues, and sometimes they’re simply the result of the reduced mobility that accompanies aging. Younger people receive home care assistance, too, however. Many younger people live with disabilities and receiving home care assistance makes their lives more convenient, enjoyable, safer, and simply better.

How Does Home Care Assistance Work?

Caregivers visit their clients in their homes. Sometimes they visit to help their clients get in or out of bed, to use the toilet, to perform basic hygiene functions, to get around, and to eat. Sometimes they visit to take care of household chores and errands. And sometimes they simply visit just to visit. Having somebody to talk to and encourage them to be more social is greatly beneficial for many seniors.

What’s The Alternative To Home Care Assistance?

To receive largely the same care, a senior can move into a senior care community of some kind. There are nursing homes for seniors with high level needs, independent living communities where seniors don’t receive care from the staff but don’t have to worry about certain chores, and assisted living communities which balance care and independence. There are also specialized communities for seniors with Alzheimer’s, seniors with mobility issues, and so on. All of these different facilities have their pros and cons and many seniors are happy and healthy in these communities.

Is Home Care Assistance Better Than Moving Into A Senior Care Community?

The right decision depends on the senior in question, but perhaps most seniors are better served by home care assistance. For one, many seniors simply don’t want to move out of their homes. Maybe they love their homes and are emotionally attached to them. Maybe they aren’t attracted to a communal style of living. Or maybe it’s just too much of a hassle for them. Another important point is that home care assistance is almost always more affordable than moving into a senior care community. Furthermore, with home care assistance, each client receives a personalized set of services designed to help them.

Executive Home Care

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