Do Nurses Still Make House Calls?

Do Nurses Still Make House Calls?


Back in the day, when more people lived in smaller communities and townships, as opposed to the densely populated cities and sprawling suburbs that dominate today’s landscape, house calls were far more common from medical professionals. Nurses and even doctors would routinely make house calls when needed. This still happens in some rural communities in the United States today, but it’s far rarer. But is there a way for you or an elderly loved one to get a nurse to visit you in your home? Do nurses still make house calls?

In-Home Care

Executive Home Care is a health care agency that is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors. Mostly, we do this by providing care for seniors in their own homes. Many seniors don’t like the idea of moving into a nursing home or maybe they can’t afford it. In-home care is more convenient and almost always more affordable. In-home care is provided by caregivers. Caregivers are great. They’re bonded, insured, have passed a rigorous background check. They can help with anything from mobility issues, to keeping your home tidy, to keeping you company and helping you to maintain your mental acuity.

But there are somethings that caregivers cannot do. Caregivers are trained and able to handle a great many tasks. But they are not medical professionals; they have not gone to nursing school. For certain advice and procedures, you need a skilled nurse. Then you have to leave your home, trudge off to a clinic, and wait in the reception area for an hour before seeing them. Or do you? Is there a way to get a registered nurse to make a house call?

Skilled Nursing Home Care

Executive Home Care is proud to provide skilled nursing home care. In this sense we mean skilled nurses providing home care to their clients (not care delivered in nursing homes). The lion’s share of any senior’s care will still be provided by a caregiver. But when a nurse is required to provide skilled care, we can often arrange for that nurse to visit you in your own home. You don’t have to go anywhere! It’s all about getting you the care you need in the most convenient manner possible.

Skilled Nursing Home Care Services

Nurses can’t do absolutely everything in your home. There are obviously going to be limitations to the number of services they can provide. But they can provide quite a few services in home. Some skilled nursing home care services include:

  • Assessments & Consultations
  • Medication Management
  • Simple Wound Care
  • Diabetes Care & Teaching
  • Colostomy Care
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Foley Care
  • And more!

Please note that not all skilled nursing home care services are available in every state. Please talk with us to find out what skilled nursing home care services are available to you.

Executive Home Care

If you would like to learn more about our skilled nursing home care services or if you would like to talk to us about any of the other many services that we provide, please get in touch with us today.

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