9 Ways Personal Care Can Help Seniors

9 Ways Personal Care Can Help Seniors


Personal care helps many different seniors who face myriad different challenges all over America. Even though personal care is only one type of senior care service package, it entails a whole host of possible services. Personal care is the highest level of care a senior can receive and seniors who require personal care often see their caregiver more often than seniors who only require other, less personal forms of care. Here are nine ways that personal care can help seniors.

1. Personal Care Helps Seniors Complete The Activities Of Daily Living

At Executive Home Care we have a term we use called the “Activities of Daily Living”. These are the activities that we all do every day to take care of ourselves, including the biological functions we must perform every day. Some of these can be very difficult for some seniors. Below we will give some examples of some of these activities.

2. Personal Care Helps Seniors Get Around

Many seniors have mobility issues. Personal care can help by having caregivers assist with their mobility, whether that means helping seniors get up and down stairs, walk around the town, or push them around in a wheelchair.

3. Personal Care Helps With Wake-ups/Goodnights

Some seniors can get around on their own most of the time but getting in and out of bed is trickier. Personal care can help.

4. Personal Care Helps With Eating

A personal caregiver can remind seniors when to eat and prepare food for them.

5. Personal Care Helps With Toileting

Some seniors have trouble using the bathroom. Personal caregivers can help. This might mean helping seniors getting on and off the toilet or helping seniors deal with ostomy/colostomy bags.

6. Personal Care Helps With Bathing And Grooming

Showers and baths can be difficult and even dangerous for some seniors. It’s important for these seniors to have somebody there to help them. Also, personal caregivers can remind seniors and help them to brush their hair, shave, and other self-grooming care.

7. Personal Care Helps With Oral/Denture Care

Whether it’s with real teeth or dentures, oral care is very important. But oral care is not always easy for seniors so caregivers can help them with it.

8. Personal Care Can Be Provided In-home

When many people think of personal care, they imagine it being provided in a senior care community, such as a nursing home. But actually, personal care can be provided to seniors in their own private homes. Not only is this form of personal care more convenient for seniors, but it’s often more affordable as well because they don’t have to pay rent and fees to a care facility.

9. Personal Care Can Be Combined With Other Forms Of Care

Rather than only receive personal care, many seniors and their families choose to combine personal care with other forms of senior care, such as companionship services and homemaking services.

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care is proud to provide all of the personal care services listed above and more. To learn more about our personal care services, please get in touch with us today.

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