7 Helpful Elderly Companion Services

7 Helpful Elderly Companion Services

Elderly companion services help seniors ward off and lessen the dangerous effects of isolation, loneliness, depression, and some neurodegenerative symptoms. Here are seven helpful elderly companion services.

1. Elderly Companion Caregivers Talk With Their Clients.

Probably the simplest, but often the most beneficial, thing elderly companion caregivers can do is to converse with their clients,  listen to their concerns, reminisce with them, go through family photo albums, and more. A lack of social interaction can be a terrible burden on the elderly. Elderly companion services help to relieve this burden.

2. Elderly Companion Caregivers Help Their Clients Keep In Touch With Family And Friends.

Elderly companion services aren’t just about caregivers interacting with their clients. They also urge their clients to keep in touch with family. This often includes helping them make phone calls, sending text messages, and setting up video chats.

3. Elderly Companion Caregivers Help Clients Organize Mail And Correspondence.

Elderly companion services also include help with sorting the mail as well as email. Caregivers can recycle the junk mail, keep a look out for scam emails, and bring the important correspondence or bills to the attention of the client or their family.

4. Elderly Companion Care Can Include Transportation And Accompaniment Services.

Elderly companion services are also meant to encourage seniors to get outside and interact with the world as much as possible (when it is safe to do so). This can mean accompanying clients to social events, providing transportation to religious services or medical appointments, and just taking walks with them.

5. Elderly Companion Services Can Be Fun!

Loneliness and depression aren’t fun. But the treatment for these mental challenges can be fun. Sometimes elderly companion services are as simple as a caregiver playing cared games or board games with their client.

6. Elderly Companion Caregivers Can Provide Reminders.

Whether the result of a neurodegenerative disease or just the natural effect of aging, many elderly people have trouble remembering things. Companion caregivers can provide their clients with reminders to take medication, to eat meals, and more. Caregivers can also help with meal planning and preparation.

7. Elderly Companion Services Can Include Light Housekeeping.

While they are their keeping their elderly clients company, companion caregivers can also take care of some light housekeeping. Many clients opt to combine elderly companion services with the full range of homemaking services, so clients don’t have to worry about maintaining a neat and tidy home all on their own. Elderly companion services also make the transition to personal care easier if and when it becomes necessary.

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