8 Elderly Companion Services


Elderly companion services are great for many seniors with many different lifestyles and health concerns. Elderly companion services are services that focus on maintaining and improving the mental and emotional health of seniors. When we think and talk about senior care, we focus far too much on the physical aspects of that care.

Yes, many seniors require personal care to help them with the activities of daily living, such as cooking and eating, bathing and grooming, and getting around. But many seniors also face mental and emotional health challenges, often in the form of depression as a result of isolation. This can affect seniors who are otherwise totally healthy or seniors who also have a physical or neurological condition. Here are eight elderly companion services that might be beneficial to you or a senior in your life.

1).Helping to keep clients in touch with the outside world

When it’s not a response to a neurodegenerative disease or an emotional trauma, such as the loss of a spouse, depression in seniors is often the result of isolation and loneliness. Many seniors are alone in this world as they no longer have coworkers and their friends and family have often moved away or passed away. As a result, many seniors lose touch with the outside world and detach from reality. An elderly companion caregiver can help to stop this from happening by encouraging clients to keep in touch with the outside world. This can be done by organizing mail, typing up correspondence, and arranging times for them to call friends and family.

2).Going for Walks

Another part about keeping in touch with the outside world is literally going outside. Many seniors rarely leave their homes and this can be a very sad state of affairs. Getting some fresh air and mild exercise often does a world of good for the elderly.

3).Playing Games or Cards

Elderly companion services can be fun, too! If there are no specific tasks or errands to attend to, elderly companion caregivers can keep seniors engaged and work their brains a little by playing board or card games with them.

4).Light housekeeping

Elderly companion services can also serve a more tangible purpose. Many seniors can become depressed because they can’t take care of their homes as they used to. Living in a dirty environment can have a very deleterious effect on one’s mental health.

5).Meal Planning and Preparation

Some seniors can actually forget or not bother to cook or even eat. As such, meal planning and preparation can be very important.

6).Medication Reminders

Just as seniors can forget to eat, so too can they forget to take their medication. This, obviously, is a problem. With elderly companion services, medication reminders can be a routine part of the care involved.

7).Providing Transportation

Elderly companion services can also cover transportation. Caregivers can give elderly clients rides to and from medical appointments, grocery stores, and other places.


A big part of elderly companion service is simply giving seniors somebody to talk to. This gives seniors some much needed human interaction as well as the ability to voice their concerns and problems. It also allows caregivers a peak into their lives which will help them spot any developing problems.

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