5 In-Home Companionship Services That Can Help You

5 In-Home Companionship Services That Can Help You


In-home companionship services are rarely the first type of senior care that comes to mind when people consider health care for the elderly. But in-home care can have huge benefits. Here are five in-home companionship services that might be able to help you.

1. Talking. It’s Simple And Profoundly Important.

Is it really worth it to arrange for in-home companionship services just so your elderly loved one has somebody to talk to? Can’t you just talk to them yourself? You absolutely should talk to them as much as possible. But many people live far away from their senior parents or they have busy schedules. Seniors live in isolation at worryingly high rates and this can lead to loneliness and depression. Even if you can meet with your elderly loved one in person, they’re not necessarily going to open up to you. Many seniors feel uncomfortable sharing their emotional burdens with family or friends. But for whatever reason, we’re often able to open up better to strangers.

2. With In-Home Companionship Services, Your Elderly Loved One Has Somebody To Accompany Them Outside.

It’s an in-home companionship service even though it involves going outside. Seniors often don’t get out enough. This might be because they don’t feel comfortable outside, because they need physical help, or they simply just forget. In-home companion caregivers can accompany seniors to social functions, religious services, and on errands.

3. In-Home Companionship Services Can Help Seniors Keep In Touch.

Forgetfulness is a big problem for all of us as we age, even if we don’t have a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. Many seniors simply forget to return letters and phone calls and other times they’re unfamiliar with the technology that would allow them to send emails and texts and participate in video calls. Companion caregivers can help seniors keep up with their correspondence.

4. In-Home Companionship Services Can Be Fun.

It’s not all seriousness and gloom with companion care. A big part of in-home companionship services is playing games. Card games like bridge, uno, or poker, and board games like chess, checkers, and backgammon are all popular among seniors.

5. In-Home Companionship Services Can Be Paired With Other Services.

Sometimes seniors are hesitant to accept care. But nobody likes doing household chores, right? If you pair in-home companionship services with homemaking services, you get the best of both worlds. Your elderly loved one gets some help with laundry, vacuuming, and other chores, while also having a companion there to talk to. Furthermore, this makes the transition to personal care easier if and when that becomes necessary.

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