5 Home Care Tips To Keep Your Family Safe From Coronavirus

5 Home Care Tips To Keep Your Family Safe From Coronavirus

The coronavirus is posing a huge challenge for everybody. But no group is at greater risk than the elderly. Here are five home care tips to keep your family safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Have Handwashing Parties

The concept of the handwashing party is great if you have young children. But even if you don’t have children, the concept is sound. You need to ramp up your hygienic practices. Wash you hands whenever you come home, before every meal, and after every time you touch objects such as money, credit cards, keys, etc. Wipe down doorknobs and other commonly touched surfaces regularly. Do not touch your face and point out if other members of your household touch theirs.

2. Stay Home

Seriously, just stay home. It’s remarkable how many people have a problem with this, but by staying you home you greatly reduce the chance of catching and transmitting the virus. If you have a senior parent or elderly loved one living with you, staying home is even more important. Only go outside for essentials such as groceries and medication and to go to work if you cannot work from home.

3. Practice Social Distancing

Another valid reason to go outside is for exercise. But only if you maintain a six-foot distance from everybody around you. Social/physical distancing is key. Only physically socialize with people in your household. You can always digitally socialize with other friends and family if you have the means to do so. If you’ve never figured out any of the many video chat apps, now is the time to do so.

4. Limit Contact Between You And Your Elderly Loved Ones

The coronavirus pandemic is scariest for the elderly and those who love them. If you have a senior parent or other loved one who does not live with you, you’re probably worried for them and want to see them. After all, the coronavirus has proven far more lethal for the elderly; of course, you want to see your parents as much as possible. But you shouldn’t. Every time you see them is another opportunity to transmit the virus. You’ll just have to call them.

5. Consider In-Home Care

Senior care facilities are often great. But let’s be honest, the coronavirus is tearing through some senior care communities at startling rates. If you have a loved one living in such a community, you should consider pulling them out and having them live with you, at least temporarily. By hiring an in-home care worker, you might be able to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus. To learn more about in-home care or the coronavirus and the elderly, please contact us.

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