4 Reasons To Get Personal Care Services

4 Reasons To Get Personal Care Services

Home care companies provide care to seniors in the comfort of their own homes. Much of this care comes in the form of personal care. But which seniors can benefit from personal care services?

1. The first reason to get senior personal care services is the most obvious: because you need them.

Personal care services help seniors complete the Activities of Daily Living. By this we mean the activities we all must do everyday to take care of ourselves. Every day you get out of bed, walk to the bathroom, use the toilet, brush your teeth, shower or bathe, comb your hair (if you have any), shave (if you have facial hair you want to remove), go downstairs, cook food, eat food, walk down the path or go downstairs to get the mail, and on and on. For most of us, these mundane tasks don’t take much effort. But for many seniors this is not true. They struggle quite a bit and therefore they need somebody to help them. That’s why senior personal care services exist.

2. The second reason to get senior personal care is because you want to receive these services in your own home, not in a senior care community.

All of the personal care services listed above are services seniors can receive in a senior care community. Both assisted living communities and nursing homes provide personal care services to seniors. And many of these communities are clean, well-run, and the seniors who live there make friends and enjoy their time there. But these facilities are not for every senior. Many seniors would prefer to live in the comfort of their own homes. Receiving in-home personal care services allows seniors to do that.

3. The third reason to get in-home senior personal care services is because you want to save money.

Convenience costs more, right? Whether it’s the convenience of more legroom on an airplane or eating out as opposed to cooking your own dinner, we expect to pay more for the more convenient option. So what’s more convenient? Receiving the senior personal care services you need in your own home or having to move and relocate to a senior care community? The former, right? And yet, in-home senior personal care services are actually more affordable for most seniors. With in-home senior personal care services, you need only pay for the services you receive, not rents and fees to keep a whole facility and it’s staff solvent.

4. The fourth reason to get in-home personal care services is because you already receive other in-home care services.

Home care companies don’t just offer senior personal care services. They offer other services such as homemaking and companion care. Even if you or an elderly loved one does not yet need personal care services, you should consider these other services. Homemaker services help seniors manage their homes and do chores and run errands. Companion care looks after the mental health and emotional wellbeing of seniors. It’s much easier for seniors to transition from these care services to personal care services than going from zero to sixty right away.

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