Transitional Care Services in Montgomery County, PA

Hospital to Home Transitional Care in Montgomery County, PA and the Surrounding Areas

When you get out of the hospital, you should feel good about going home.

It’s time to get back into old home habits and start new ones. It’s also a time to make sure your loved one’s safety and happiness are at their best at all times.

Executive Home Care makes it easier to get back to life at home after a stay in the hospital. Our nurses are specially trained to do everyday jobs that make the lives of seniors as easy and fun as possible while they are getting medical care.

Your local Executive Home Care team can work with you to make a personalized care plan that makes the whole process easier and smoother.

Transitional Care for Short-Term, Long-Term, or One-Time Needs

Each senior will have varied care requirements because of their own living circumstances.

No matter how long continued care may be required, your Executive Home Care team will work with you to develop a plan for a smooth transition prior to your loved one returning home.

This care plan can include:

  • Non-medical transport home from the hospital
  • Meal preparation
  • Hygiene care
  • Ongoing well-being monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Ongoing care plan revisions as needed

The assistance of a devoted, qualified caregiver assigned by Executive Home Care makes readjusting to home life much less difficult and unpleasant. A free in-home care consultation is the first step.

Quality Transitional Care Services in Montgomery County, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Each patient has unique health requirements and objectives, and transitional care plans should reflect them. Coordination schemes that are based on the individual needs of each patient should be put into action, and this requires open dialogue among all parties involved. In addition, it is crucial that, while building a personalized strategy, communication efforts take into account not just broad medical difficulties, but also aspects like personal matters. The purpose of this is to provide efficient post-hospital follow up, leading to better health outcomes and lower rates of readmission.

Take the Next Step Today

Your local Executive Home Care team is ready to work with you to put a plan in place for transitioning your loved one back to home life.

To schedule your in-home care consultation, contact us today.

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