When Should You Consider A Live-In Senior Caregiver?

When Should You Consider A Live-In Senior Caregiver?

Live-in senior caregivers can provide seniors with access to care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you or an elderly loved one need this kind of care? How can you know?

Live-In Senior Caregivers Are Needed When Seniors Have A High Risk Of Emergencies.

Live-in caregivers live in the homes of their elderly clients. For this to work, the client must have an extra room for the caregiver to live in and enough space so they can have their privacy. There are many services that caregivers can render by visiting their clients in their homes. However, they can’t be there all the time, particularly in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time. And at 2AM when an elderly person is feeling their way through the dark to visit the bathroom, bad things can happen. Many seniors are in danger of falls and without a live-in caregiver, they could be stuck on the ground for hours, or even longer. Other seniors are at high risk of seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and other emergencies. While a live-in caregiver doesn’t work 24/7, they do live there, so if an emergency does occur, there will be somebody on hand to help.

Live-In Care Is Sometimes Needed Because Caregivers Simply Can’t Visit Enough Times In A Day.

In-home caregivers can visit seniors every day and even multiple times a day. But if you or an elderly loved one needs assistance to get out of bed, use the toilet, bathe, to eat every meal, to get up and down stairs, to get in and out of chairs or a wheelchair, to get back into bed at night, and more, then getting a caregiver to visit seven times a day or more just isn’t practical. Live-in care is much easier in such cases.

Live-In Care Also Provides Companionship.

When we think of seniors’ health, we tend to focus on what we can see: their physical health. But mental health is just as important. Unfortunately, seniors often lead lives of isolation, far from any family or friends who can regularly visit. This can breed loneliness which can cause depression. Live-in caregivers are always there to provide their senior clients with company.

Live-In Senior Caregivers Allow Seniors To Age In Place.

These same benefits can be found in senior care communities. But not every senior wants to live in such a community. That type of living just isn’t for everybody and many seniors are emotionally attached to their own homes. Live-in care allows them to stay there.

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