When is Home Health Care the Best Option?

When is Home Health Care the Best Option?

For the majority of people, if they live long enough, they will need some help or care of some kind. Very few people can live to the age of 90 (or beyond) without some type of senior care assistance. But what is the right type of care for you or your elderly loved one? And what form should that care take? And when is home health care the best option?

Home Health Care

For many seniors and families, home health care is by far the most appealing version of senior care. You don’t have to leave your home where you’ve lived for who knows how many years and move to a nursing home or other elderly care facility. While these institutions have the best intentions, they are often depressing and sometimes don’t offer the same level of care to all their residents, which can mean that only the squeaky wheels get the grease. But is home health care always the best option? When is it appropriate to invest in home health care?


First off, let’s start by stating that just because it is becoming difficult and challenging for a senior to keep up with all the housework and errands it requires to maintain a home, that doesn’t mean he or she should have to be removed from said home. A very basic form of health care can simply focus on housekeeping. Getting a care worker to come by at regular intervals to assist with errands such as grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation can allow seniors to live in their own home years longer than without this type of home health care.

In-home care

Sometimes, seniors need more than just a little help with errands. Sometimes they require more medical-based care. Does this mean they must leave their homes? Absolutely not. Home health care can cover more involved requirements as well. Tasks such as giving reminders when to take medication, reminders to finish meals, help getting in and out of bed and wheelchairs, and help using the bathroom, whether that involves colostomy or ostomy bags or not, are just a few of the many home health care services offered by Executive Home Care care workers.

Live-in care

But surely, if a senior requires around the clock care and supervision, he or she must move out of their home and into a facility, right? Wrong. Executive Home Care offers live-in home health care. With this services we will match you with a personable, professional, trustworthy, and highly skilled care worker who can live in the home of your elderly loved one with them. This way, your elderly loved one will always have access to the care he or she needs at all times, meaning you don’t have to worry.

Nursing care

At Executive Home Care, we can schedule visits from registered nurses. A registered nurse will come right to you or your elderly loved one and provide care right in their own home. Given all these different options, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which home health care is not the best option. And many of these services are likely more affordable than you may think.

If you’d like to learn more about home health care or any of the services we offer at Executive Home Care, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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