When do Seniors Need Personal Care?

When do Seniors Need Personal Care?

“Personal Care” is not a synonym for “senior care”. Personal care is a specific type of care that can be provided to seniors who need it. But just which seniors need personal care? How do you know if you or an elderly loved one is in need of personal care? And just what is personal care in the first place?

Personal Care For Seniors

Personal care is a type of care provided to seniors who require assistance with what we at Executive Home Care have described as the Activities of Daily Living. These activities can encompass all the tasks that we all do regularly to take care of ourselves. Tasks such as preparing food, eating, grooming and bathing, getting in and out of bed, using the toilet, and getting around. Some seniors have difficulty with a number of these tasks. If these seniors live alone, live with another senior who struggles with some of these tasks, or lives with or can meet with family and friends who can help but not frequently enough, then they require personal care to live safe and healthy lives.

Personal Caregivers

Personal care for seniors is administered by caregivers. Caregivers are not doctors or registered nurses. Seniors require too much assistance than can be provided by doctors and nurses and so caregivers are necessary. Indeed, the majority of personal care for seniors, as well as other types of senior care, are provided by caregivers. Responsible senior health care agencies only hire caregivers after they have passed a rigorous pre-employment screening process. All personal caregivers should be bonded and insured, experienced, skills tested, and should have access to continuing education and training.

When Do Seniors Need Personal Care?

First, as a caveat, let us note that personal care isn’t only for seniors. There are many younger people who live with disabilities, disorders, or who are recovering from injuries that require or can benefit from senior care. However, the majority of people who receive personal care are seniors. Why do so many seniors need personal care? It’s simply a factor of aging. It’s unfortunate and annoying, but the older we get, the more we slow down, and the less capable we become of carrying out the Activities of Daily Living. It doesn’t do any good to complain about it or pretend like it’s not happening. The best plan is to arrange for personal care. With personal care, seniors can still enjoy a long and fulfilling retirement; they just need a little help now and then.

If you’ve noticed an elderly loved one struggle with mobility issues or you worry they’re not eating enough or bathing enough, talk to them about personal care. Executive care can provide personal care services in-home, so seniors don’t have to move into a senior care facility in order to receive it. For seniors who need a lot of personal care and need access to around-the-clock assistance, there is live-in care. This sees a qualified caregiver live in the home of a senior to provide personal care whenever needed. For seniors who don’t require personal care but who could use a little help around the house or just somebody to talk to, there are homemaking and companionship services available.

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