What You Should Know About Non-Medical Home Care

What You Should Know About Non-Medical Home Care

Home care helps elderly Virginians lead safer, healthier, and happier lives. Here’s what you should know about non-medical home care in Richmond, VA.

What Is Non-Medical Home Care In Richmond, VA?

Non-medical home care is a set of care services delivered to seniors in their own Richmond homes. These services help seniors live their daily lives, manage their homes, and alleviate mental and emotional stressors. Many of these services are available in senior care facilities, such as assisted living communities. But you don’t have to move into one of these communities to receive these services if you don’t want to. Non-medical home care brings these services to you in your own home.

Why Is This Care Non-Medical?

Some people get the wrong idea when they read “non-medical”. It doesn’t denote any sort of alternative medical practice. It just means the deliverers of this care are not doctors or registered nurses. Doctors are medical school graduates and nurses are nursing school graduates. They are medical professionals, and while they deliver many important healthcare services, for many seniors, caregivers provide more healthcare services.

The caregivers of Executive Home Care of Richmond must pass an extensive pre-employment screening that includes a criminal background investigation and verification of work history. They are bonded and insured. We work with them closely and periodically evaluate their performance to ensure we can continue delivering the high-quality of care our clients deserve. So, while they are not medical professionals, they are not unqualified to do their jobs. On the contrary, they are very qualified and they can help to improve the lives of elderly Virginians.

Not All Non-Medical Home Care Services Are The Same.

For home care to be effective, it needs to be customized to the needs of each individual client. At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we work with our clients and their families to understand their needs and deliver the right care services for them. We divide our care services into three broad categories: companionship, homemaking, and personal care. You can read more about these here.

Non-Medical Home Care Can Actually Be A Money Saver.

Cost is a top-of-mind concern for many families. Thankfully, home care is quite an affordable option. Especially when you compare it to moving into a care facility, which is the only real alternative for seniors who require care. Because these facilities charge rents and fees, home care is more affordable; you only pay for the services you receive.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond, VA

Executive Home Care offers all the home care services mentioned in this article and more. To learn more about what we do, please contact us via our website or call (804) 419 6900.

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