What Senior Care Services Are Available In South Richmond, VA?

What Senior Care Services Are Available In South Richmond, VA?

Elderly Virginians can benefit from services designed to make their lives healthier and better. What senior care services are available in Richmond, VA?

Senior Care Services In Richmond, VA: Companionship

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Unfortunately, because mental health problems are more difficult to notice and because of a remaining stigma around mental health, elderly Virginians don’t always get the mental health assistance they require. Many seniors in Richmond live alone without family or friends nearby.

This can cause them to become isolated. With very little human interaction, it’s easy to become lonely and depressed. And this can happen to couples who live together, as well. Companionship services involve caregivers visiting clients in their Richmond homes. They talk with them, listen to their concerns, play card or board games with them, and encourage them to be social and/or keep up with correspondence. This can lessen the burden of loneliness and keep seniors grounded in reality.

Senior Care Services In Richmond, VA: Homemaking

Never underestimate the value of having a clean and tidy home. Don’t you feel better when your home is neat and clean? But chores are so annoying, aren’t they? If you aren’t a senior, imagine how challenging household chores can be if you might throw your back out vacuuming or slip on the basement stairs carrying the laundry basket.

Executive Home Care of Richmond offers homemaking services to help seniors with these household chores. This makes their lives more convenient and less stressful. We can also help with errands, such as picking up groceries and medication for them.

Senior Care Services In Richmond, VA: Personal Care

Personal care helps seniors with the activities of daily living. These are relatively small tasks that we all do every day but which can be difficult for the elderly and those living with disabilities. Task such as these include getting out of bed in the morning, dental or denture care, showering or bathing, moving around the house, preparing and eating meals, and using the toilet along with any necessary paraphernalia, such as a colostomy bag.

Being unable to do any of these tasks means essentially being unable to live your life. Executive Home Care of Richmond can provide caregivers to visit seniors in their homes and help them with all these tasks and more.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we offer all these senior care services and more. We can also arrange for transportation with Lyft. To learn more about our senior care services, please get in touch with us via our website, or by calling us at (804) 419 6900.

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