Types of Medical Alert Systems

You’ve probably seen dozens of commercials for medical alert systems. But did you know that there are different kinds?

There are two main types of alert systems: monitored and un-monitored. Both systems involve a ‘panic’ button that the wearer presses in an emergency, that button sends a signal to a box in the house which is connected to a phone line. With monitored systems, the button triggers a call to a live operator, who will speak directly with the wearer. The operator can also call friends, family members or even 911.

An unmonitored system does not call an operator, instead it is programmed to call a series of phone numbers selected by the user. It will automatically call each number until someone answers, and then it will play a recorded message. You can program the last number on the list to be 911.

There are also medical alert systems that are mobile, and can work outside the home. These devices are usually pendant sized, can fit in the palm of your hand and work like little cell phones. They are equipped with that same button, which will call a live operator. A bonus to this kind of system is that is it also a GPS, so the operator would be able to find the wearer’s location. This can be very helpful for emergencies outside the home.

Before buying a medical alter system, make sure to do your research and keep your loved one’s lifestyle in mind.

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