Traveling with Medication

It’s summer, and summer is the season of vacations! While traveling might be great, traveling with medications can be tricky. So we have some tips for you!

If you’re traveling by plane:

  • You can bring medications in pill or liquid form as long as it is screened.
  • You can bring medications in your carry-on, but liquid is limited to a 3.4 ounce container. Any medical liquids will also need to have an additional screening, so make sure to tell an officer that you have it.
  • It is recommended that you have some medications in your carry-on, in case you need them during the flight.
  • You may not need to have your prescriptions in the bottles, but this is determined by state. Make sure to check with each state that you are traveling to.
  • Medication is usually x-rayed during screening, if you do not wish for your medications to be x-rayed, ask for an inspection instead.

If you’re driving:

  • Make sure to keep medications in the coolest place possible. If certain medications get too hot they can lose potency or cause other side effects.

If you’re traveling with refrigerated medications:

  • It is necessary for you to have a travel cooler with ice packs to keep your medication cold. You may also want to bring zip-lock bags for extra ice.
  • On a flight, you must keep your medication as a carry-on, it could freeze if checked.
  • If you’re on a longer flight, alert your flight attendants and they can help you with getting more ice during your flight.

Traveling with medication can be a little tricky, but all it takes is some planning and knowing what to pack, how and where to pack it. So don’t let your medication keep you from traveling this summer!

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