Transportation Services For Seniors In South Richmond, VA

Transportation Services For Seniors In South Richmond, VA

One of the biggest challenges seniors face is trying to get around, but thankfully there are transportation services for seniors in Richmond, Virginia.

Why Do Seniors Need Transportation Services In Richmond, VA?

One of the most common symptoms of aging is a deterioration of eyesight. For many of us, the older we get, the worse our vision will become. This can make driving a nerve-wracking experience and even quite dangerous. Other seniors might feel that steering an automobile is physically taxing and others might not have the reaction times they once had.

Occasionally the Commonwealth of Virginia revokes driver’s licenses from seniors because of their physical limitations. Other seniors choose to give up driving. Some seniors develop disabilities that make driving impossible, some sell their cars for financial reasons or because they don’t need them much after retiring, and many seniors simply never had a car. But all these seniors still need to get around Richmond. How can they do that?

Transportation Options For Seniors In Richmond, VA

Public transit in Richmond isn’t always great. Many seniors live in places where busses don’t go and it’s rarely convenient or practical. Taxis are an option but calling taxis can be a hassle. There are now ride hailing mobile apps, but many seniors are not tech savvy and don’t feel comfortable using apps. Executive Home Care of Richmond can help with that.

Lyft Rides For Senior Citizens In Richmond, VA

Executive Home Care of Richmond has partnered with Lyft, the fastest-growing on-demand transportation service in the USA. We’ve done this so can provide convenience and freedom for seniors with just a simple phone call. Maintaining independence is important and Lyft can help the elderly do this.

With Lyft, we can help seniors arrange for quick, safe rides to virtually anywhere in Richmond. Our clients can request rides at any time. Simply call your local Executive Home Care office whenever you need a ride. It’s easy, safe, reliable, and convenient. It can also save seniors money by allowing them to sell a car they only use a few times a month. Clients can also travel with their caregivers. For added protection, every Lyft driver is required to pass a background check, vehicle inspection, and must possess a good driving record.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond, VA

Executive Home Care is a premier home healthcare provider. We offer care services to seniors living in their own Richmond homes or to those who live in retirement homes, assisted living communities, or nursing homes and would like a little extra help. To learn more about what we do, please contact us via our website or call (804) 419 6900.

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