Three Legal Documents Seniors Should Have

Most of us would agree that it is better to be over-prepared for various situations. For seniors, that means taking care of important end of life matters. It is a good idea to make sure that you or your elderly loved ones have the following documents:

  • Health care proxy/ Power of Attorney

The purpose of this document is to give someone the power to make medical decisions on your behalf. This should be drawn up when the person is still mentally able to make decisions.

  • Advanced care directive

Advanced care directive or living will, legally states end of life medical wishes. Some of the most commons specifications include wishes for resuscitation, life support and other medical procedures that could prolong life.

  • Will

Everyone should have a will drawn up in case of an emergency. The will gives specific directions for who should receive any finances or other property in the event of death.

Having the proper documents now will make later preparations easier and less stressful.

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