The Benefits Of Companion Care

The Benefits Of Companion Care

Seniors face more than just physical health challenges, they also face mental health challenges, and that’s why we offer companion care in Richmond, VA.

What Is Companion Care?

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we offer personal care to help our clients complete the activities of daily living and physically take care of themselves. And we offer homemaking services to help our clients take care of their homes and manage their lives. But one of our most popular package of care services is our companion care.

Companion care seeks to help seniors with their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We tend to focus on the physical challenges seniors deal with more than the mental ones because the physical challenges are often easy to spot. But seniors have mental health struggles just like anybody else. Maybe even more.

Executive Home Care can send a caregiver to a senior’s Richmond home to spend time with them. These caregivers talk with their clients, listen to their concerns, play card of board games with them, help them keep up with correspondence, and can accompany them to recreational and social activities. Companion care can make seniors feel less lonely and it means there’s somebody monitoring their mental health for any potential problems.

What Issues Can Companion Care Help With?

There are a number of good reasons to set up companion care. At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we help our clients deal with a number of issues. Companionship can help seniors deal with issues such as:


Many seniors live in a kind of isolation. They don’t have many family or friends with whom they can visit in Richmond. Because of this, they don’t have many social interactions. This can cause them to feel alone and disconnected from the outside world. Companion care is a great remedy for this.


Many seniors also deal with depression. This is often because of the loneliness associated with living in isolation. But there are many reasons a person might become depressed. Seniors might feel bad because of a chronic issue they have or because of the death of a spouse or loved one. Companionship can help seniors deal with these feelings.

Alzheimer’s and dementia

Companionship isn’t Alzheimer’s and dementia care, but it is a great service to set up shortly after a diagnosis. It’s important to set up basic routines so that when dementia advances, the patient and their family and caregivers can deal with it more effectively.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond, VA

Executive Home Care is a premier home healthcare provider. We offer all the companionship services mentioned in this article and more. To learn more about what we do, please contact us via our website or call (804) 419 6900.

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