Stay COVID-Safe: 6 Ways Senior Caregivers Simplify Booster Shots In Pennsylvania

Stay COVID-Safe: 6 Ways Senior Caregivers Simplify Booster Shots In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania seniors are being urged to book their booster shots, and our caregivers are standing by to help.

Read on to learn how we’re simplifying booster shot appointments for families throughout Pennsylvania, or call (718)-247-8300 to speak directly with a caregiver coordinator near you.

Pennsylvania Seniors Urged To Book Booster Shots As COVID-19 Case Counts Rise

Although COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths remain low in Pennsylvania, likely due to the fact that 78% of residents are now fully inoculated, the risk of infection was raised from “low” to “medium” last week as case counts continue to rise (Raskin, 2022).

Fortunately, there’s plenty seniors can do to stay safe, and our caregivers are here to help. Along with proper masking, social distancing, and more frequent hand washing, health officials are now urging seniors to book their booster to quell the spring spike.

“Vaccinations and boosters are as critical as ever,” Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan told the New York Post (Raskin, 2022). “If you’re eligible for your booster, please, get the dose now. The coming weeks will be critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and getting back to a Low risk level so we can more safely enjoy our spring.”

Stay COVID-Safe: 6 Ways Senior Caregivers Simplify Booster Shots In NYC

If you’re looking to book a booster shot for your loved one, but you’re already spread thin between family caregiving and career obligations, don’t despair—Executive Home Care is here to help!

These are just a few of the ways we make immunization easy:

  • Caregivers simplify booster shot booking. Whether you prefer to book your shot online, over the phone, or in-person, our senior care team can help, making sure they bring all the necessary identification, providing transportation to the registration area, and reminding your loved ones about upcoming appointments so they don’t lose their spot in line.

    Additionally, homebound seniors may be eligible to receive their vaccination at home, and we can help you connect with your health care provider to explore your options.

  • Caregivers help your loved ones get ready for the big day. On the day of the appointment, we provide full support with all activities of daily living (ADLs), and make sure they bring all necessary identification and COVID-19 PPE for their outing, so you never have to worry about a wasted trip.
  • Caregivers enforce COVID-19 safety protocols at the immunization center. We make sure your loved one wears a mask, maintains social distance, and practices frequent hand washing/sanitization to reduce infection risk at the immunization site.
  • Caregivers provide transportation to-and-from the immunization site. Don’t stress about coordinating transportation for mom or dad while you’re at work—just leave it up to us!
  • Caregivers keep your loved ones company during their appointment. To prevent boredom, nervousness, and restlessness, we will keep your loved ones comfortable and engaged with conversation, both while they wait for their name to be called, and while they wait in the observation area after the shot is administered.
  • Caregivers help alleviate booster shot symptoms. Some booster shot recipients may experience mild flu symptoms and other negative reactions. To relieve any discomfort, we can run epsom salt baths, prepare a hot/cold compress for the injection site, keep your loved ones hydrated, and more.

Simplify Your Booster Shot: Book A Caregiver Consultation In Pennsylvania

To book a free senior care consultation with our team in Pennsylvania, you can:


Raskin, S. (2022, May 2). NYC COVID alert raised to ‘medium’ as cases rise, but hospitalizations stay low. The New York Post.

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