Reading with Vision Impairment

Vision impairment is a term used to describe any kind of vision loss. As we age and vision gets worse, it may be more difficult to do certain activities, like reading.

Here are some tips that can help you read with vision impairment:

  • Magnify

Magnifier sheets or apps can help increasing the size of the words, making reading easier. If you read newspapers, check to see if they have a large print version available.

  • Lights!

If you read in dim lighting, you can cause too much strain on your eyes. It is best to read in natural light, but sometimes that is not an option. Make sure you have some kind of light source like a reading lamp, light wedge, or a clip on book light to help you illuminate what you are reading.

  • Turn to tech

E-readers are great options because they often have large screens and font sizes are adjustable. Some are even backlit, making the text easier to see. If you don’t have an e-reader, you can also use apps on tablets or phones.

Vision impairment may be frustrating, but with all the tools out there, you’ll still enjoy reading the things you love!

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