Marginal Gains: How Seemingly Small Actions Can Greatly Improve Seniors’ Lives

Marginal Gains: How Seemingly Small Actions Can Greatly Improve Seniors' Lives

Little things add up to big things. This is true in business, it’s true in sports, and it’s true for life in general. For example, something seemingly unimportant like homemaker healthcare can make a big difference.

Sometimes Seniors Need Help Looking After Themselves. Sometimes They Don’t. But Sometimes They Need Something In Between, Such As Homemaker Healthcare.

When many of us think of healthcare we usually envision personal care. Personal care involves helping seniors with what we at Executive Home Care call the “Activities of Daily Living”. These are the things we all must do every day, or at least regularly, to take care of ourselves. Examples include brushing our teeth, using the toilet, bathing, preparing and eating food, getting in and out of bed, etc. Some seniors cannot accomplish these tasks on their own. Sometimes they can but forget to or it causes them discomfort. In such cases, caregivers can visit seniors in their homes to help them.

But what if the problems seniors face are not with these issues? What if they can take care of themselves all right, but not their homes? Sometimes family members suggest seniors move into a senior care facility if they can’t take care of their homes anymore. But many seniors prefer living in their own homes. Why should they leave just because certain chores are difficult for them? Thankfully, with homemaker healthcare, they don’t have to.

What Is Homemaker Healthcare Service? 

Homemaker healthcare involves caregivers helping seniors take care of their homes. This might seem like a luxury service to some, but it can be absolutely vital for some seniors.

Homemaker healthcare can involve just about anything that concerns taking care of one’s home. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the fridge and other kitchen appliances, cleaning the bathroom, meal preparation, laundry, and more. Taking care of a home is a lot of work. It can be a drag for everybody no matter their age but imagine scrubbing the stovetop with arthritic fingers or climbing basement stairs with a basket full of laundry on sore knees. These chores can be painful and even dangerous for some seniors.

As a result, some seniors neglect these chores. They put them off. Living in untidy and dirty homes can have major negative impacts on one’s mental health. Especially if the reason your home is unclean is because you can’t do chores you used to be able to do. How much can you really enjoy life if you don’t like your home? Or if you’re dreading doing the laundry once a week? Homemaker healthcare doesn’t just keep homes clean; it can improve the mental health of seniors.

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