Location Tracking Services You Should Know About

Last week we discussed how to prevent wandering, this week we’re going to go more in depth about some of the products/services that will help you do just that.

  • Project Lifesaver

This organization provides a personal tracker, and when the person wanders, the caregiver calls a local Project Lifesaver agency and a trained team will respond.

  • MindMe

MindMe offers two services: a location device, and an alarm. The alarm will alert the response center in case of a fall or other emergency. The location device can be worn like a pendant, or put in a pocket, and allows the person to be tracked online at any time. Caregivers can also set up a radius, which will alert them if the person travels outside the designated area.

  • GPS Shoe

If you’re worried about your loved one losing a tracking necklace or bracelet, then this might be for you. This device is located in the heel of the right shoe and can be tracked through the website. Locations are updated every 10-30 minutes, based on which plan you chose. The device is also rechargeable.

  • GPS Smart Sole

This device is from the same designers as GPS Shoe, but it is a little different. The Smart Sole fits most shoes and allows caregivers to track location through any smart phone, tablet or web browser. This device allows real-time tracking, a detailed report of location history and the ability to set up a radius.

  • Safe Link

This device needs to be carried by the person who wanders, and sends geographic coordinates to central servers, where family members and caregivers can view his/her location. This device also has an SOS button for emergencies.

  • PocketFinder

PocketFinder is one of the smallest tracking devices on the market. It has a battery like of one week and allows caregivers to track wearers through an app.

  • Revolutionary Tracker

This device features an SOS button and real-time tracking, but what makes it different is that you can track multiple people at the same time. It also syncs directly to a caregivers phone or computer.

  • Comfort Zone Check-in

This service offers two options: tracking through a small device, or tracking through a Sprint cell phone. Comfort Zone Check-I does require a monthly subscription, which links the device to web-based software where caregivers can find the location of your loved one.

  • Bluewater Security

Bluewater Security offers a special watch for seniors who wander. This watch is the same size and looks very similar to a standard wrist watch, but it has a panic button in case of emergencies and tracks the senior. It works with a receiver that will sound an alarm if the senior leaves a set distance.

  • MedicAlert Safely Home

This device is worn as a bracelet. When a loved one goes missing, caregivers call the 24-hour hotline to get the location of the missing person. In addition to tracking, the bracelet also has important medication information engraved on it.

Remember, if your loved one does wander, make sure not to panic. The best thing you can do is call 911, alert the authorities and call any organization/service that you subscribe to.

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