Just How Much Care Can You Get In-Home?

Just How Much Care Can You Get In-Home?

For many seniors, it can be difficult to accept help, especially from a caregiver. Frankly, accepting help is often difficult for people regardless of age. We don’t like to admit that there’s something in this world that we can’t handle on our own, even though we realize that everybody needs a helping hand now and then. But when the thing with which you need help is a normal, everyday task that you’ve done a million times before, such as the laundry, grocery shopping, or even getting out of bed, it can really be disheartening.

But perhaps the worst part of senior care for many seniors is the thought that they will have to leave their homes to get it. It was not long ago that if a senior required care of some kind, they almost invariably had to leave their home and move into a senior care facility. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as senior in-home care has become a widely available service. But surely there are limits to in-home care, right? Just how much care can you get in-home?

In-home Care

In-home caregivers can help with a variety of tasks and issues. For seniors who can manage their own health alright but who struggle to maintain their homes, there are homemaker services. Homemaker services involve a caregiver visiting seniors in their homes and helping them with the laundry, the washing, food preparation, grocery shopping, running errands, and more. And there are also companionship services. Companion caregivers focus on their client’s mental and emotional wellbeing by keeping them engaged in the real world and giving them a social outlet.

There is also personal care. Personal care services involve a caregiver helping the elderly and infirm with the activities of daily living. Such services may include helping clients getting in and out of beds, wheelchairs, and bathtubs, help with grooming and bathing, and help with toileting, including colostomy and ostomy care.

Limits to Care?

Clearly, you can arrange for caregivers to provide any number of a wide array of services in-home. But there are plenty of seniors who require more assistance than simply a caregiver coming by once a week to help with laundry and grocery shopping. There are even plenty of seniors for whom having a visit once a day from a caregiver is not quite enough. Do these seniors have an in-home care option or must they move into a senior care facility?

24-7 Live-in Caregivers

For seniors such as those described above, there is an in-home care option that comes in the form of 24-7 live-in caregivers. These caregivers live in the home of the clients for whom they provide care. 24-7 live-in caregivers can help provide all the services mentioned above and more. And they can provide that care whenever needed and they’re great to have there in an emergency situation.

At Executive Home Care, our 24-7 live-in caregivers are all bonded and insured and have undergone a criminal background check (as have all of our caregivers). 24-7 live-in caregivers must be given adequate room and board as well as sufficient off-duty hours. But beyond that, they can provide the care the client needs whenever the client needs it.

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