Is Live-In Elderly Care Practical?

Is Live-In Elderly Care Practical?

Sometimes we don’t give seniors enough credit. We often think they’re more frail than they are; that they need more help than they do. There are many seniors who take care of themselves and manage their lives just fine without any care or assistance. But the fact remains that most seniors will require care of some kind during their retirement years. Maybe this care will only be temporary to recover from a surgery or accident, or maybe they’ll need care when they finally slow down at the age of 102, but many seniors will need some care. And some will need a lot of it.

Personal care

Personal care refers to a set of senior services that are dedicated to helping seniors handle the activities of daily living. These activities cover all the things that we all do everyday to take care of ourselves: eating, bathing, grooming, using the toilet, getting in and out of bed, dressing, etc. Some seniors struggle with these tasks and thus need help to accomplish them. Some adult children and other younger loved ones of seniors try to help them with all these tasks themselves but often find they cannot provide nearly as much assistance as their elderly loved ones need. That is when the services of a personal caregiver are needed.

As with all of our services, Executive Home Care is proud to offer personal care services in-home. But how much personal care can a client receive in-home? Sure, a caregiver can come by five days a week to help with meal preparation and getting dressed, maybe even twice a day to get in and out of bed. But what if a senior needs more care than even that?

Live-in care

For seniors who need a great deal of personal care, even around-the-clock access to care, then, surely, they must move into a nursing home or similar senior care facility, right? Wrong. Such seniors have another option and it is live-in care. With live-in care, a client can receive the services of a live-in elderly caregiver; meaning the caregiver lives in the home with the senior. This way, the live-in elderly caregiver can provide care and assistance whenever needed, 24/7.

Is live-in care really practical, though?

Is this kind of care practical? Well, it is, provided your circumstances allow for it. First, you have to have a spare bedroom for the live-in elderly caregiver to live. And of course, the live-in elderly caregiver can’t actually work 24/7. The caregiver can be there to provide assistance if there’s a situation in the middle of the night, but they will still have a set schedule. The work these live-in elderly caregivers provide will be determined by the personalized plan of care that is developed for the client.

Many seniors don’t want to leave their homes to move into a senior care facility. It can be frustrating and depressing for them. Furthermore, senior care facilities are often quite expensive as you must pay to rent the room and an assortment of fees. What’s more, a live-in elderly caregiver can also provide homemaking services while living in the home. And they also provide companionship, which is something many seniors lack.

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