Is Assisted Living The Best Option For Seniors In South Richmond?

Is Assisted Living The Best Option For Seniors In South Richmond?

Assisted living is available in Richmond, Virginia. But is assisted living the best option for you or your loved one? What should you know about assisted living in Richmond?

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of care administered in assisted living communities. Assisted living communities are a type of senior care facility, like a nursing home. But while nursing homes focus on serving residents who need high levels of care, assisted living communities are designed to help those who need care, but who can also manage their lives to some degree. Assisted living is about the balance of care and independence. The residents are encouraged to manage their own lives as much as possible. Most residents of assisted living are seniors, but some are younger people who live with disabilities.

Is Assisted Living The Best Option For Seniors Living In Richmond, Va?

It depends. Many residents of assisted living communities are happy, healthy, and safe there. But this style of care and this style of living isn’t for everybody. Not all seniors are happy in assisted living communities. For one, many seniors simply don’t want to leave their Richmond homes. They’ve lived in their home for years, maybe even decades, and they have an emotional attachment to it. Moving out would depress them, especially if they view such a move as the last one they will ever make.

Second, many people don’t enjoy the communal style of living assisted living provides. Many residents enjoy spending time in the common areas, but other people prefer a more private lifestyle. But what is the alternative? What do you do if you or an elderly loved one needs care but doesn’t want to move into an assisted living community?

Home Care Is An Alternative To Assisted Living.

Executive Home Care of Richmond offers home care. Home care offers all the care services found in assisted living communities, but this care is provided to seniors in their own Richmond homes. This care could help them with their mental health and emotional wellbeing (companion care), with their physical health (personal care), or simply help seniors take care of their Richmond homes (homemaker services). Furthermore, home care is almost always more affordable than assisted living.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond

If you’d like to learn more about home care either for yourself or for an elderly loved one living in Richmond, please contact us. If you manage an assisted living, we can provide supplemental staffing to help maintain a consistent number of staff. You can get in touch with us via our website or you can call us at(804) 419 6900

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