How To Take Care Of An Alzheimer’s Patient At Home

How To Take Care Of An Alzheimer's Patient At Home

Alzheimer’s is a nasty disease, but it can take years or even a decade for the disease to progress. If you manage it well, Alzheimer’s patients can still enjoy several great years. But how do you take care of an Alzheimer’s patient at home?

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, accounting for somewhere between 60%–70% of all cases. It is a neurodegenerative disease that progresses over time. The first symptom is typically short-term memory loss. Disorientation, trouble with language, loss of motivation to eat or take care of oneself, mood swings, and behavioral issues can all follow. Gradually, bodily functions are lost and, as there is no known cure, the disease ultimately results in death. It’s a grim diagnosis to receive and the final stages of Alzheimer’s are difficult for everybody.

But this is not to say that every Alzheimer’s patient is a sad, non-functioning member of society. There are many Alzheimer’s patients who can still function and whose vibrant personalities still shine through, if only intermittently. As with all incurable diseases, managing the situation is the most important thing. But how can one take care of an Alzheimer’s patient?

Alzheimer’s Care Homes

There are many senior living communities that say they can care of Alzheimer’s patients. Many are great at this. Others are not. And then there are homes that are specifically set up to care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. As with all things, some are great and some are not. But even the great Alzheimer care homes have a few drawbacks in common.

First, they all require their residents move out of their private homes and into their facility. Many seniors without dementia don’t like this option and prefer in-home care instead. For Alzheimer’s patients, moving out of their home that they recognize and enjoy can be disastrous. It doesn’t seem right to take one of the few things somebody recognizes away from them. Furthermore, these homes can cost quite a lot in rent and fees. Alzheimer’s care at home is usually cheaper, even live-in Alzheimer’s care.

How To Take Care Of An Alzheimer’s Patient At Home

Step one: realize you can’t do it all yourself. It might be a great idea to move in with your elderly parent or have them move in with you. You get to spend more time with them and care for them at the beginning. But as Alzheimer’s progresses, you will not have the time nor the expertise to care for them. That’s why you need specialized in-home care from a healthcare agency that has specific protocols and methods for Alzheimer’s patients.

Executive Home Care

The best way to take care of an Alzheimer’s patient at home is to contact Executive Home Care.

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