How Loneliness Can Be Deadly And What To Do About It

How Loneliness Can Be Deadly And What To Do About It


Seniors suffer from depression at alarmingly high rates. Why? One possibly is cause that seniors tend to lead isolated lives. They’re lonely. Elderly companion care can help.

Mental Health Is A Complicated Issue. The Causes Of Mental Health Problems Are Not Always Clear. But Elderly Companion Care Can Help With A Number Of Issues.

Americans tend to live somewhat itinerant lives; now more than ever. America is a big country and people move around. By the time you reach retirement, you may find that you live nowhere close to where you grew up. You’ve moved away from your friends and family, or they have. If you have children, they may have moved away. Without seeing your coworkers any longer, you’re all alone in a world that is not built for seniors. It can be lonely and depressing. The situation can be especially bad for seniors who live alone, but it’s important to note that senior couples can become isolated from the outside world together and suffer mental health consequences for it.

But Why Do Seniors Need Elderly Companion Care? What About Senior Living Communities?

Many seniors in this position move into a senior care facility, such as a retirement home or assisted living community. And many seniors are happy in such communities. They get to live around other seniors and make friends. But not all seniors are happy in these environments. Many seniors have grown attached to their homes. They don’t want to leave, especially because they view such a move as signaling the final chapter of their lives. Elderly companion caregivers can visit them in their own homes and keep them company.

Can’t Family Members Just Keep Their Elderly Loved Ones Company?

Often, no, they can’t. As mentioned above, many children don’t live anywhere near their parents. Even if they do, they often can’t spend as much time with their elderly loved ones as they would like. They have their own familial, work, and social commitments. But it goes beyond just being a time issue. As much as we have worked to lessen the stigma of mental health problems in our society, it still exists. Many people are hesitant to raise their mental health struggles with loved ones. Especially seniors who grew up in an era when the stigma around mental health issues was much more severe. They often feel freer to discuss such issues with elderly companion caregivers. Without any such outlet, seniors often just get depressed. They can stop eating and taking care of themselves and, eventually, even die. Elderly companion care can stop this destructive spiral.

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