How Homemaking Services Improve The Lives Of Seniors

How Homemaking Services Improve The Lives Of Seniors

Homemaking services are too often overlooked when people discuss senior care. It might seem like they are an extra to, or not as important as, other forms of care, but homemaking services can make a big difference.

Homemaking Services Make Life More Convenient.

Let’s start with the most obvious and what’s probably the least crucial, but most widely enjoyed benefit of homemaking services: it just makes life easier. Who likes changing the bed linen? Who enjoys taking the trash out? Who wakes up in the morning and says, “I’m really looking forward to cleaning the inside of the refrigerator today!”? Nobody. Regardless of any health concerns, having somebody else take care of these tedious and sometimes arduous tasks just makes life more pleasant.

Homemaking Services Can Alleviate Pain.

Household chores are annoying, but for most younger people, they’re not painful. But for seniors, they often are. Lugging around a vacuum cleaner or vigorously scrubbing a greasy stovetop can exacerbate muscle or joint pain. These household chores can also be exhausting for many seniors. Homemaking services improve the lives of seniors by sparing them painful chores.

Homemaking Services Can Make Seniors’ Lives Safer.

Some of these chores aren’t just tiring and painful, they can actually be dangerous. Imagine a 75-year-old having to carry a laundry basket down and up dark, narrow basement stairs. That could be a recipe for disaster. It would be much more prudent to have a caregiver do it for them. Similarly, some errands can be dangerous. Some seniors struggle to drive because of poor eyesight. But they need to get groceries, medication, and get to appointments. Having somebody else take care of that driving is much safer.

Homemaking Services Can Reduce The Chance Of Seniors Contracting COVID-19.

It might seem counterintuitive, but homemaking services can keep seniors safe from the coronavirus. How can this be in a time when we shouldn’t be inviting other people into our homes? Well, how many people do you come into contact with when shopping for groceries? There are a number of ways seniors can be exposed to the coronavirus in grocery stores or when running other errands. One caregiver who takes care of those errands for them, and then follows strict COVID-19 protocols when dropping off those groceries, presents much less of a risk.

Homemaking Services Allow Seniors To Age In Place.

The alternative to homemaking services is to move into a senior living facility where these tasks are performed by the staff. But many seniors don’t want to leave their homes. Furthermore, homemaking services are cheaper.

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