How Has Technology Changed Senior Care?

How Has Technology Changed Senior Care

The pace at which technology is changing is awesome and, in a way, even frightening. As a species, we’re seeing more technological advancements now in a year, than we did in almost any given millenium of our existence. But the impact of technology is not limited to just faster cell phones with better cameras. Nor is it just the big ticket ideas such as driverless cars and Artificial Intelligence. Technology has changed and (we hope) improved pretty much every aspect of our lives including senior care.

Decline of old ideas

You may not have noticed, but the number of nursing homes has actually decreased in the United States over the past decade or so. This seems odd given the near constant talk of the Baby Boomer generation reaching their senior years and how the care they will need will transform the senior care industry as well as society writ large. But the truth is, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are becoming less prevalent because they are becoming less popular. Seniors would rather stay in their homes, if they can.

Technologies –mobile phones, apps, and just the internet more generally– are allowing established senior care companies and startups alike help get seniors the care they need. A company such as Executive Home Care uses technology to communicate with both our clients and each other in order to get the best suited caregivers working with the seniors who need them.


Mobile apps can entertain and help seniors as much as they can anybody else. Of course, seniors are less likely to use Snapchat than millennials are, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from other apps. However, the ever changing nature of technology is more foreign to seniors than other demographics. Seniors often need some assistance or prodding in order to use and understand the benefit of these new apps.

For example, Executive Care has partnered with Lyft, the fastest growing on-demand transportation service in the nation. With Lyft, seniors can arrange fast and safe rides to pretty much anywhere. Lyft rides can be requested any time. Our clients need simply to phone their local Executive Home Care office. Seniors can also travel with their caregivers.

Your local Executive Home Care office will coordinate safe and reliable transportation with Lyft. It is important to note that every Lyft driver is required to pass a background check, vehicle inspection, and also must have a good driving record.

Note that Lyft services may not be available in all office locations. Please call your local Executive Home Care office to find out.

Caregivers and technology

The technology that seniors use to assist them in their lives is forever changing, as well. Mobility devices, dentures, bathing equipment, colostomy and ostomy bags, and medication itself are constantly being improved and redesigned with the aid of technological advancements. Caregivers must know how to these new models and new technologies work. At Executive Home Care, we ensure that all of our caregivers keep abreast of technological advances.

Executive Home Care

If you’ve any questions about caregivers and technology, or learn about what technologies we at Executive Home Care utilize to help our clients, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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