Getting enough Calcium if you are lactose intolerant

Did you know that almost 75% of adults have problems digesting lactose? So how do you get enough calcium if you’re lactose intolerant?

  • Collard greens

One cup of collard greens has 350 milligrams of calcium, which is about a third of what you need.

  • Canned sardines and salmon

Canned fish also has a lot of calcium, like the collard greens, you can get 350 milligrams per serving. Another bonus is that fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • White beans

Most beans have some calcium, white beans have the most with 240 milligrams per cup.

  • Soymilks and almond milk

Non-dairy milks have calcium and also vitamin B-12, many are also fortified with vitamin D. One cup proves 200 milligrams or your daily serving of calcium.

Calcium isn’t only for bone health, it is also responsible for normal blood clotting and nerve pulse conduction. If you aren’t getting enough calcium through your diet, there are many calcium supplements available on the market. Make sure to consult with your doctor beforehand!

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