Gadgets for Seniors Who Like to Cook!

Gadgets for Seniors Who Like to Cook

As we age, some aspects of cooking may become more difficult. Here are some handy kitchen gadgets for seniors who like to cook!

Automated can/ jar opener

We’ve all encountered that stubborn jar that just won’t open, why keep struggling when there are automated can and jar openers out there? This is a great idea for people who lack grip strength and may not be able to open cans or jars without assistance.

Vegetable chopper

Chopping vegetables can be a tedious task, a vegetable chopper can help! It cuts down the time and effort that it takes to cut your vegetables, and it helps keep your cuts uniform for more even cooking!

Garlic peeler

Peeling garlic can be a chore, especially with smaller cloves. There are new garlic peelers on the market, they are silicon tubes, and all you have to do is insert the garlic cloves, roll the tube on the counter while applying pressure and voila! Your garlic will basically peel itself.

Microplane garlic mincer

Mincing garlic can also be a task… using a traditional mincer, where you have to squeeze each cloves, can become difficult. Instead, try a microplane mincer! Instead of squeezing, you’re just basically grating the garlic.

Electric salt and pepper mills

Freshly ground salt and pepper are a necessity when it comes to cooking, but grinding by hand can become difficult and tiring. Electric salt and pepper mills give you that fresh ground salt and pepper with just a push of a button!

Rotary egg beater

It might seem dated, but a rotary egg beater is an even easier and quicker way to whisk your eggs in the morning.

Restaurant cheese grater

Don’t you love when the waiter asks you if you’d like cheese on that? Now, you can experience it at home! A restaurant style cheese grater (or rotary grater) is a useful gadget because you don’t have to grate anything by hand, it uses a crank, making it easier.

Spice carousel

Spice cabinets can easily become a mess, a spice carousel is a handy way to keep all your spices organized. You can also keep it on the counter, so you always know what spices you have and which you need more of.

Herb mill/scissors

Herbs are a staple in cooking, but they can be a pain to chop. A way to reduce the amount of chopping you have to do is to use an herb mill or herb scissors!

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop doing your favorite things, especially cooking! There are lots of new gadgets that can make cooking easier for older adults.

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