Exercises to Improve Balance

We all know that as our loved ones age, they are more susceptible to falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one third of falls occur because of worsening balance and vision. So what can we do to help decrease these dangerous falls? Help seniors improve their balance!

Here are some exercises to help improve balance:

  • Single-leg stand

For this exercise all you have to do is see how long you can stand on one leg before putting your foot down or grabbing for support. Do this on each leg.

  • Walking in a straight line

Place a strip of tape in a hallway and practice walking heel to toe along the entire strip of tape. Try to stay on the line.

  • Forward leg swings

For this exercise, you can hold on to a chair for support if need be. Lift one foot off the floor, and begin swinging your leg back and forth. Increase your range of motion when you feel comfortable and switch legs after a few minutes.

  • Side leg raises

Hold on to a chair in front of you, and slowly lift your leg out to the side. Repeat 10-15 times and then switch legs.

Doing these exercises a few times a week can greatly help to improve senior balance. Always make sure to have the proper supervision when your elderly loved one is doing these or any other exercises.

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