Do You Need To Be Wealthy To Afford Live-in Senior Care?

Do You Need To Be Wealthy To Afford Live-in Senior Care?

There are a lot of misconceptions about live-in senior care. Many people think it’s inherently impractical or beyond their means. But is that true? Do you have to be wealthy to afford live-in senior care?

For some seniors, a senior care facility is the best place. For other seniors, remaining in their own private homes is best. But some seniors need more than occasional care. They need live-in senior care.

In our society, we are used to paying more for convenience. Delivery costs more than takeout. Having a product delivered to us costs more than picking it up in-store. A taxi costs more than a bus which costs more than just walking. But this standard rule is flipped on its head when it comes to senior care. If you are not yet a senior, imagine you are. You’ve had to face the upsetting truth that you can no longer take care of yourself sufficiently. You need some help. There’s no shame in it, but it’s still not how you’d like things to be.

You must decide. Do you want to leave your current home where you have made a life for yourself or do you want to move into a senior care facility? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Senior care facilities are often great, clean, well-run places. But your home is your home and getting care there is more convenient. More convenient and more affordable. More affordable because you don’t have to pay rent to a senior care facility or any fees. You only have to pay for the care you receive. But does this remain true if you need live-in senior care?

Live-in senior care is the highest level of in-home care. Seniors who need live-in senior care require a lot of assistance and supervision. Is this affordable?

For many seniors, in-home care looks like this: a caregiver comes by once a week, twice a week, once a day, twice a day, or somewhere in between and provides care. This care could be companion care, which focuses on the emotional and mental wellbeing of seniors. It might be homemaking services which help seniors take care of their homes and run errands. Or it might be personal care which helps seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. These activities include self-care such as grooming and bathing, preparing meals and eating, using the toilet as well as ostomy or colostomy bags, and general mobility.

Seniors who receive live-in care benefit from all these types of care but primarily they need personal care. Paying for live-in senior care means having a caregiver on-hand to help in an emergency situation at any time. It means somebody is there everyday to provide care. This, understandably, will be more expensive than weekly visits for homemaker services. But will it be as expensive as moving into a care facility? It depends. It depends on where you live and what care services you need, but generally, there’s not a big difference. Even with live-in senior care, you still don’t need to pay rent to a senior care community nor the associated fees. So, no, you do not need to be wealthy to afford live-in senior care.

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