Can Alzheimer’s Patients Get All The Care They Need In Assisted Living Communities?


Living with Alzheimer’s Disease is not easy. Nor is it easy being the loved one of somebody who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Often, you need all the help you can get. How good are assisted living communities at delivering that help?

Alzheimer’s Is A Neurodegenerative Disease That Gets Progressively Worse Over Time. Approximately 30 Million People Live With Alzheimer’s Across The Globe.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of dementia and it accounts for somewhere between 60% and 70% of all cases of dementia. The causes of Alzheimer’s are not particularly well understood, but about 70% of the risk appears to be genetic. The most common first symptom of Alzheimer’s is the loss of memory of recent events. As Alzheimer’s progresses, the list of symptoms increases. Some common symptoms include disorientation (such as getting lost easily), problems with language, loss of motivation, neglecting self-care, mood swings, and (sometimes violent) behavioral issues.

Alzheimer’s is sad and difficult at the best of times. When somebody with Alzheimer’s stops bathing or eating, it can be dangerous and even fatal. Occasionally, people with Alzheimer’s can become violent. These are issues that go beyond the ability of loved ones who, though their hearts are in the right place, are just not equipped to handle the situation. What then?

Assisted Living Is A Popular Form Of Senior Care In America. Is Assisted Living Good For Alzheimer’s Patients?

Some people make the mistake of thinking that “assisted living community” is simply another term for “nursing home”. Nursing homes are specifically designed for seniors who need high levels of care. Such seniors cannot maintain any significant degree of independence. Residents of assisted living communities, however, can. But unlike retirement homes, which typically don’t offer personal care, assisted living communities attempt to balance the care they provide with the independence of their residents.

Some assisted living communities specialize in helping Alzheimer’s patients. And it makes sense. Except for those in the earliest and latest stages of Alzheimer’s, the disease is generally very erratic. One day somebody might seem to be totally lucid and responsible. The next, they’ve completely forgotten to even eat. Assisted living communities are well-suited to help such Alzheimer’s patients. Some days, providing care might be as simple as checking in and making sure they’ve gotten up, dressed, eaten, and have plans for the day, and then checking in once or twice more. Other times, Alzheimer’s patients might need supervision and care all day. Assisted living communities can do both.

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care can help you find an assisted living community suitable for Alzheimer’s patients. Or we can provide supplemental care to communities or individuals who require some extra help. Contact us today to learn more.

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