Best Pets for Seniors

It’s no secret that pets are great for seniors. They provide love, companionship and can promote physical activity and social interaction. But not all pets are right for seniors, here are some of the best pets for seniors:

  • Dogs

If your senior relative is active, a dog might be a good fit. Dogs are loyal and affectionate companions and are a great way to help keep seniors active. When picking a dog, size will definitely matter. Bigger dogs might be too much work for seniors, so smaller dogs will be more manageable. Also keep in mind that dogs do bark, so a quieter breed might be a better option. Dogs do come with a little more work as they do need to be walked and groomed, but for the right senior, a dog will be a great pet.

  • Cats

Some people might think that cats aren’t the best companions, but cats can be just as affectionate as dogs.  The best part about a cat is that there is much less grooming and no walking to worry about. If grooming is a concern, pick a cat with a shorter coat.

  • Birds

Birds are low maintenance, while still being fairly interactive. Birds can be quite chatty, so if someone prefers quiet, certain types of birds, like parakeets, might not be the best fit.

  • Fish

The lowest maintenance of all… fish! Fish hardly require any work, as long as the tank is kept clean, which can be done with a good filtration system. Fish tanks create a relaxing environment, and there are so many fish to choose from!

So if you’re thinking of getting a pet for yourself, or an elderly relative, remember to choose wisely. Consider the person’s lifestyle and abilities before committing to a pet. But once you choose the right one, your loved one will love their new friend.

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